I don’t care
what you tell me to increase my mood
to influence the brood
in my brow
to caress my heart when it bleeds.
You need to show me.

I don’t care
what your biggest fan sells to my soul
what your best friend’s face looks like
when you are particularly woeful
what your pain sounds like
in another’s voice.
You need to show me.

Show me you want to hear my laughter
Show me you want my eyes to squeal
Show me you aren’t the you in my head
Show me the you I see is real.


Swallow of Sip

The sway to the sound of sway
Each muscle milks a muscle
The color of each freckle shows
What skin I want to wear.

Chew on your words, like soft lips
Swallow saliva of my
Sip. And bring me back for more.

Power of Plenty

The wind scatters the snow, wispy white comets
swirling in the air alongside the ever present saltshaker,
encasing the world in a snowglobe.
I watch the drifts swell on the ground, aching with the agony
of the impending shovel.
I think about letting the pathways cover, making a bet with the weather
to see if accumulation can match the power of plenty on either side of my driveway,
hard and crusted over with ice and road dust.

I can’t see the dirt in the drifts any longer,
the waving snow smiling at me as it works its magic
I can’t see the ice either, singing with danger below,
but I know it’s there.

Unlocked Locks

After Viewing “Wardrobe” ┬áBy Vladimir Kush

Well, you.
Petulant and primordial, we stare into the laughing soul of iniquity.
Don’t we?

Your fascination with the layers, scrubbed onto your skin with cotton
or satin,

envelope your head with the covering of color.
encrust your toes with the painful pallor
of swept fashion.

The blueness of the coat invokes the rapture of your solitude.
it swirls down the driveway, and discards discomfort

Timeless talk,
Unlocked locks.

No, they do not bear witness to this discussion we’re having, as I have recently remembered
your favorite color is pink.

Your favorite fur faux-lined
Your hair not shaggish or surly,
but curling in growth spurt

Your heels more shapely on your legs
than they ever were on mine.