Show Don’t Speak

my laughter shows you
the me buried under the storm
of my becoming

my sleepiness on your couch
sings the song of my comfort
with you

my hands in my lap
touch my neck when I think of
touching you

my respect looks like
the drive home I take
each night.


I knew the silence

I awoke with validation
a stemmed confession ready for penning.
Instead I knew the silence.

The crisp in the morning touched my cheeks
pinking my flesh to match my heart
worrying my lip with my teeth and trimming
my thoughts

Instead I knew the silence.

I trickled into a corner to think, sipping on solitude
and wearing the mittens of merit
like a badge from a girl scout.
I wanted to shout from the rooftops

Instead I knew the silence.

I wanted to wait, to succumb to the sate
to shower you with images wanted
and snatch them from the ether.

Instead I knew the silence.

I count on one hand the times my virtue
won out over the tide of my heart.

But I awoke to crisp with validation
to pink my heart with confession and passion
but found it was already full.

I knew the silence.

Shoulder to Shoulder: a series of haiku

the storm may be fierce
the damage inflicted harsh
but I am here too

the boughs may be strong
the wind howling through our souls
but quiet comes next

the sun peeks outside
the beams play soft in your beard
wind ruffles your hair

bond long weathered now
like wood tendrils and roots
stronger together.