Dear Sister, Part II

Dear Sister,

She pulls us along,
the butterfly leading the caterpillars
we inch in our fuzzy toes
we shuffle in her shade.

As she fans the flames
as she showers us in light
as she soars above and looks ahead

she is not leaving
she is waiting for us to join her.


Motherf*cking Encouragement

Not going to let me stop
let me drop out of the moment
or cancel my subscription.
Not going to let me tear out the pages
give in to rages more spectacular
than not
Not going to tell me the answers
or dance around the cast
of characters you know I need to see
Not going to take away my direction
arrest my inflection of thought
or take my power from me,

are you?


Now I know
I see the jerk
I see the contrasts of capable and
the honesty of quirk

But I don’t back away.

I see the scramble to concede
the carelessness of boast
the candor of your most
executed goals

But I don’t back away.

I see the awful in your mist
the pain grasping you in its fist
the terror of losing
all too fumbled and controlled

But I don’t back away.

I won’t walk from your arrogance
Or gloat in your cringe
I want pain over disrespect
I want tough conversations.

I remain in your presence
to watch what you do next.

I shake with the surety of unsure
but quake with my faith

in you.


I hit the A instead of the F#
and I return to you.

Colorful keys caressed and life-breathing motion
of your eyes match the heart
of my practice.

I hit the A instead of the F#
and I return to you

Your acceptance lays upon the notes
Waiting patiently for me
Your hand outstretched to show your reach
Your warmth gravitating toward my weep

My wants and worries war within
But soon routine takes over.

I hit the A instead of the F#
and I return to you.

You shower me in surety
And my bones don’t look so scary anymore.