Word List for Week #5 – Submit your creativity to 7 Words!!

The full list is posted here – feel free to check it out and submit your creative thoughts, be they words, art, or a combination of the two! This week, I utilized some words that rhyme, so I want to see what you create!

I hope these words inspire you.


Week 3 of 7Words is underway! Which words are striking you?

If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out 7Words, and you like prompt-based writing, head on over to check out the ongoing list for Week 3. The prompt is simple and submissions are easy! One click at the top of the page, and your ponderous thoughts are in my mailbox.

New words each week, and you can also submit to twitter – @jennibean212.

I hope these words inspire you. πŸ™‚