On Friendship

Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it.” – Unknown


On Obsession

“Stay obsessed. That thing you can’t stop thinking about? Keep indulging it. Obsession is the better part of success. You will be great at the things that you can’t not do.”

— Adam Savage

Mirror, Mirror

“A mirror has no power to show a monster unless that monster stands before it.” – Susan Kay, Phantom

You and I, concave facing

tinfoil underneath glass

the old method of preserving reflection

where no amount of mercury can be hidden.


Mira, mira-

we open our hearts and show them to the glass

the aluminum no longer present

refined methods

where no amount of mercury is needed.


Mirror, mirror-

show me the image:

the laborious fool who lingers

wanting, waiting,

the numb priestess who simpers

blinding, exalting

the sinister sorcerer who loiters

plotting, concealing


inside me.

“And I don’t know what happened, but I thought I heard you. . .”

“Because,” he said, “I sometimes have a queer feeling with regard to you–especially when you are near to me, as now: it is if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly and inextricably knotted to a similar string situated in the corresponding quarter of your little frame. And If that boisterous Channel, and two hundred miles or so of land, come broad between us, I am afraid that cord of communion will be snapped; and then I’ve a nervous notion I should take to bleeding inwardly. As for you–you’d forget me.”

~Edward Rochester, Jane Eyre


“You’ve got to stand up and
take a look around you then a look way up to the sky.
And when your deepest thoughts are broken,
keep on dreaming boy, cause when you stop dreamin’ it’s time to die.”

~Blind Melon