pulling petal after petal
conditioned to linger
but never to stay

the feeling of wanted washing over my feet
wiggling my toes
rubbing away the purple lines in my skin

I watched you work
the wonderment not new
but pulling like a tractor beam

How could I have missed that kiss
with your eyes
our words exchanged like an embrace
our wrists acting as bracelets
decorating our moment as we
massage feet and fall in love

with ritual.


[(Zero to sixty) + (120) (Me)]

This is how I know my company is great
I can be stuck in traffic the entire way
and feel like the ride wasn’t long enough.

I can feel the wind getting warmer
as I descend from the sky to the ground
my mouth gaping a silent scream
and then a screaming smile.

The food settles my stomach
the mocha washes the seawater from my mouth
the surf beckons me deep like a warm lover
before throwing me over its shoulder
and knocking me head over feet.

I can hear the heartbeat from your shoulder
the breath in your lungs through the sand
each movement of your lounging body hums
and I am drawn to the back of your neck
the swell of her chest
the trifecta touching of our minds.

I picture me pillowing between you like I felt in that plane
one snug to my lap and the other folded around my back
whispering to me nice things.
Instead I sleep on the damp towel, the wind kissing my ear
the sun rubbing light into my skin
the day yawning for more.

I can think as each hand propellers outward in the lot
behind the boardwalk
how lucky I am to be the third
in the running chatter of this day
the crunch of a dill pickle salivating my tongue
the tickle of nerves when my soul trips and falls
onto the table next to the sandwiches
the endearing moments of silence pressed into our palms
like napkins we press to our lips.

I can lounge in the darkness, watching the sleepy sink into your shoulders
the liquid excitement drawing from our cups as we sip from the seductive screen
one gleaming 120-minute ride of madness
one full season of summer compressed into one world of day

and I am living.

From you, I sought, I want

From you I sought instruction
the transfer of flora to canvas
the transfer of minds onto surface

I wanted your instruction.

From you I sought understanding
the development of my change
the communication of your needs

I wanted your understanding.

From you I sought community
the sharing of like feelings
the caring of our hearts

I wanted your community.

From you I sought intimacy
the spilling of my blood
the painting of my trees

I wanted your intimacy.

I wanted those trees we brought into being
I wanted you to be there when they came out of me
I wanted your eyes to be the first to see
I wanted you to know a deeper part of me.