Orion straddles the rooftops

The underside of night
and I am throwing away boxes
that held pieces of my old life

and there you are,
as I’m tiptoeing back from the dumpster
careful to hop over the puddles that gather
to the terra cotta steps that lead me to new.

You are straddling the rooftops
bringing to me a punchy light
watching me as I stare up into your vulnerability.

Now you are the action hero
sandwiched between two buildings
risking your life to save the victim

Now you are the kitchen maiden
holding up her skirts as she walks to the privy
squatting over dignity

Now you are the normal
the everyday warrior

toppled from your pedestal stamp on the sky
shoehorned into the sliver I can see.

Now you are again my Orion

a constant backdrop to my altars
a wink to the fathers of my youth

peeking in to check on me
and watching as I stare into my vulnerability.


Dear Dream

Dear Dream,
My sleep couldn’t find you
but this place,
this moment,
with these people
I did.

I knew the silence

I awoke with validation
a stemmed confession ready for penning.
Instead I knew the silence.

The crisp in the morning touched my cheeks
pinking my flesh to match my heart
worrying my lip with my teeth and trimming
my thoughts

Instead I knew the silence.

I trickled into a corner to think, sipping on solitude
and wearing the mittens of merit
like a badge from a girl scout.
I wanted to shout from the rooftops

Instead I knew the silence.

I wanted to wait, to succumb to the sate
to shower you with images wanted
and snatch them from the ether.

Instead I knew the silence.

I count on one hand the times my virtue
won out over the tide of my heart.

But I awoke to crisp with validation
to pink my heart with confession and passion
but found it was already full.

I knew the silence.