Like Breathing

the push is as important
as the pull

the exhale as vital
as the inhale

i learned today that the incoming tide moves air through the sand
pulling water in, moisturizing
luring, suffocating

and then in an instant, returns it
pushes back with force

exchanges water
with considerate inevitability
washing the sand with enough air
for bubbles

releasing the grip of water-filled lungs

and expelling it as an exhalation

like breathing.


Shades of Light

The shadow on your chin
creates the mystery
where secrets could lie
but the moment they arrive
you turn your cheek
and light floods your pores
shining your truth onto me.


Now I know
I see the jerk
I see the contrasts of capable and
the honesty of quirk

But I don’t back away.

I see the scramble to concede
the carelessness of boast
the candor of your most
executed goals

But I don’t back away.

I see the awful in your mist
the pain grasping you in its fist
the terror of losing
all too fumbled and controlled

But I don’t back away.

I won’t walk from your arrogance
Or gloat in your cringe
I want pain over disrespect
I want tough conversations.

I remain in your presence
to watch what you do next.

I shake with the surety of unsure
but quake with my faith

in you.