Not encroaching,

not standing on either side of the coin,
the dark or the light,
the metal or the soft

not beckoning it to turn
preparing for the dizzy spin
the revolving circus jumps it makes.


the truth is the coin has one face
and we stand together
as we love the cents
we see.


On the Brink

You told me you are aware
of the danger.
You grimaced after you smiled, your shoulders
shook with self-deprecation
as I watched the smoke pour from your mouth.

I won’t stop you from trying, I feel
the understanding coursing through my veins
like that nicotine running into your blood.

But I don’t know yet if you are self-aware,
strong with the experience of a thrice-made man
or my twin fool,
stomping into the sunny abyss,
not once looking back.


Stop the clock

The minute hand close to the one
and the hour hand on the four

I knew these batteries would run out
maybe closer to the end of me than now

but you have made me see the merit
in choice.

Maybe choices feel like worse
because you get to choose between awful and painful

but there is still a choice.

Maybe choices are meant for those you love
because their lives should not be void of choices

when I am afraid to make them.

I knew these batteries would run out
but I didn’t expect you to come along

and pull a better me out at the last second.