Popcorn Day

Silent in this coffeeshop
mocha-infused nostrils
smoothing hands on the wooden table
waiting for life to unfold

for life to make sense again.

the buildings slouch together like siblings on a couch
watching the same television show

the locals shiver in flip-flops and overcoats
smoking their cloves
blowing their words into the air

the children march in school uniforms,
teachers and parents bobbing beside them
brown bags of popcorn bunched in their hands

the children toss their laughter in the air
one kernel at a time
their handfuls of chatter
thrown fast at each other

the adults munch solemnly
some staring ahead
some staring down to observe
to envelop
the chatter decorating their faces
like strings of lights on an evergreen

and I remember what it was like to feel
in my hometown.


Like Breathing

the push is as important
as the pull

the exhale as vital
as the inhale

i learned today that the incoming tide moves air through the sand
pulling water in, moisturizing
luring, suffocating

and then in an instant, returns it
pushes back with force

exchanges water
with considerate inevitability
washing the sand with enough air
for bubbles

releasing the grip of water-filled lungs

and expelling it as an exhalation

like breathing.


My participation was requested by kneal1 to write a poem about Beauty in 10 sentences, ending with my favorite quote about beauty.

Beauty on my car as dew, my hand missing bird shit
My rampant heart beats beauty incessant
Each flippant fart you beauty out your ass
The rhythmic look in your eyes cries out beauty
I watch the world blink beauty enchantment
In beeping crosswalk signs of beauty
In gorgeous legs walking in beauty before me
Your waitress yells, “Beauty” at the passing cashier
I’m scribbling beauty on my napkin right here
Leaving beauty for the busboy, whose heart blips clear.

“And it might sound cutesy, but there is beauty all around….” – Starkid