Land Mine

Today I stepped on a land mine
my breath knocked out of me into the street
the blast blowing out the fillings in my teeth.

I tumbled over backwards before breaking down,
the pieces melting off my bones
coagulating into a squishy sludgy me.

When you walked over, I expected you to step
over me and onto your next task
or to scatter me like a smashed spider beneath your feet.

Instead you fished into the pile of splatter
and pulled out the raw pink underneath
wrapped it in a blanket

and sang a song of your unfailing belief.

People don’t exist to validate me,
my perceptions or fears,
they exist to have the same shot at life
as I do.

The one thing I can watch them show
is the acceptance that they made the right decision
when they chose me.

Today, I stepped on a land mine
and it was about time I blew away
the perfect show I thought I was
for the imperfect better of me.


Talk at me while I eat

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