Lyrical Lounge: a found poem*

Oh, everybody’s timepiece ain’t sweet
just caught screaming, making promise islands,
great soul feeling queen
or baby girl bliss, sweet “ooh ooh” driving one fantasy song’s days
never much
like down care love,
doesn’t give teenage us
these teeth, jesus been
now here
know when
we’re what can’t these days.
Oh, now believe one dreaming angel-
give great buzz , see everybody’s one call
to give feeling, screaming grey world caught awake
let sit, run love
living okay, oh rule, wide royals
treat now like sweet side dreams
just maybe tonight
islands start making
every damn life wanna
 wordle1 wordle2

*I used two Wordle clouds to assist with the creation of this poem. It includes various song lyrics I am considering for karaoke. I dare you to guess which ones. 😀

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