Unlocked Locks

After Viewing “Wardrobe”  By Vladimir Kush

Well, you.
Petulant and primordial, we stare into the laughing soul of iniquity.
Don’t we?

Your fascination with the layers, scrubbed onto your skin with cotton
or satin,

envelope your head with the covering of color.
encrust your toes with the painful pallor
of swept fashion.

The blueness of the coat invokes the rapture of your solitude.
it swirls down the driveway, and discards discomfort

Timeless talk,
Unlocked locks.

No, they do not bear witness to this discussion we’re having, as I have recently remembered
your favorite color is pink.

Your favorite fur faux-lined
Your hair not shaggish or surly,
but curling in growth spurt

Your heels more shapely on your legs
than they ever were on mine.


Talk at me while I eat

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