Rainbow Shirt

The faded blue shirt
stuck in the corner of my closet
goes through periods where it doesn’t move.

Discovering it underneath woolen socks
or a pile of seldom worn jeans
is like opening the door and finding an old friend
ready to embrace you after it rains.

Long ago I stopped wearing it outside
but now I walk it around the house
wearing blue threads from the shoulder
wearing the staunch into slouch.

The back has a phrase in spotted white
a mantra of sorts, from the concert
“Have you ever heard a rainbow sing?”
Nonsense unless you were there.

The ethereal blend of children’s voices
falls in line with cold lazy mornings.
When I recall the last year I was part of the cheer
the shirt invokes tears and good choices.

I will not keep the shirt out of sight
I will tug it over my head
I will close my eyes and remember the night
before singing that promise to sleep.


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