A Songbird for Ludy

Beloved mother of one
I’ve never met.
You came to me at a time of flux
When my world had melted past and present

And I was warming up to song again.
Your cheer overheard in singing syllables

beside me

Your joy in hearing my answering call,
my notes flung out with teacherly precision

Your ear pleasantly filled.

We spoke only briefly before rehearsal
Chatted pleasantries while I waited for the culmination

of this favor I had found myself fulfilling.

You are here, in my heart,
your praise overflowing into my empty cup
your interest in my world flooring me with wonder

and I am once again with the wishes of those
who know I am capable
but unwilling to move me
like you do.

Your life trickled out to me,
and I found you in every single syllable you spoke
ravenously reading your stories of raucous relatives
administered to me for safekeeping.

Your joyous words
faithfully kept in touch
until I moved across the country.

My hands are itching to talk to you
and creeping toward communication

But you would tell me I’m charming
so why am I afraid?


Talk at me while I eat

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