House of Heroes

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “My Hero.”

Hard to narrow down how many
I’ve labelled with this honor

Hard to understand the trepidation inside
when I find a new one in the old one’s house

Hard to feel the joy and excitement
when one gives the light to others

And there are others who share in the glory
I once thought was mine alone.

But I am learning the difference
between sharing and subjecting

Longing for the traits in them I envy
And reconciling the greed for their greatness
with the happy I harbor.

I am mixing the bowl of me
and shaking your spices in the batter

Allowing the love and honor to steep

And placing you back in your houses
and seeing you each so clearly

As the people with who I align

To better myself from their greatness
And bring them closer to mine.


Talk at me while I eat

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