Word of the Day Poem: Weltanschauung – a comprehensive conception or image of the universe and of humanity’s relation to it.

The Spectrum of Weltanschauung

I can scrawl each word on the page,
kiss every person I love
and count on every finger how many times I have stared up at the sky in wonder
of how the Earth exists and where it looks upon me in that moment.

I see others in the stark repetition of the pains and pleasures I’ve felt
Ruling out each idiotic representation of a new generation
Blocking out the phrases and stickiness of culture’s penetration

And exclaim again at the sky, now darkened and chill
How this can be the Earth that scowls upon me?

How here,
how human are we to choke at the sight of struggle
or snap in a tension tightwalk?
How there,
are you reading, wrapping your head around these thoughts
these strangulations of censure
of selection and natural evolution

Here, beginning in ones and twos
There, infinite strings of numbers too long to grasp
Weltanschauung stretches out in between.


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