Word of the Day Poem: Happenstance – a chance happening or event.

Make Way for L-Boy

Walk to me, yes let’s dance.
You need to take this chance.

I am here in case you fall
Withered, broken, bound and small.

You can fear and take my hand
I will help you cross the land

I see him there and you are here
I will watch, while you will fear

The laws of love are tough and true
You once thought well above you

But I am telling you today
Do not cast that boy away.

He’s pushing you in ways I’ve never
Ways I thought you were too clever.

Though you are fierce and full of wit
Love was never yours to quit.

Instead you hid behind your shame
Never calling out that name.

Now that I know, I hate him more
For prolonging all the sores

Inside your heart and flesh and mind
No wonder you were once unkind

And repellent to anyone like me
Who wears their heart right on their sleeve

Whose tactile fingers froze you stiff.
I worried we would have this riff

Between us until we parted ways
Instead you filled my heart with days

Of conversation, laughs and snark,
Lighted Christmas trees in the dark.

Now that you’re close to another again
It’s hard to put it past this friend.

But I won’t let you smother yourself
And keep your heart high on the shelf.

Let him in and I will smile
Keep him around a little while.

Do not fret that he will go
If he does, it shall be so.

You cannot hide from life again
Moving forward you’ll begin

To see that you are worthy of light
And loving you is more than right.

Your world will thrive instead of crumble
We know you’re anything but humble

If happenstance could finally show you
Then maybe there’s hope for me too.


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