Word of the Day Poem: Philosophaster – a person who feigns a knowledge he or she does not possess

The Act

I don’t know anyone
who hasn’t taken a turn for the tale
in the wake of impressing another.

These philosophasters each and all
find some way to impart rules and opinions and securities

that are false.

I know everyone operates on an opinion
they may have heard
and regardless of agree or disagree

have adopted it as fact.

What can we do instead of knowing or unknowing

or even imparting what we don’t know as known?

Unpack our own opinions
and retrace where they began
in hopes of having a host of thoughts
that are based on nothing but feelings
of our own.

Only then
can we decide how to apply
the knowledge in a way

that enriches our lives.

In the meantime, I embrace those individuals
who flaunt the knowledge they lack
because they want to be known as the giver of knowledge

and their know-it-all-ness
is only a side-effect

of who is hiding


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