Word of the Day Poem: Vernacularize – to translate into the natural speech peculiar to a people.

Before You Are Tossed in the Bay

Do not vernacularize me.

I am not your catchphrase
And you cannot conquer me.

You cannot stand up in a circle of speakers
and proclaim me your devil
or your savior.

I am not a mystery
I am just polite.

They say the purpose of the Hearer is to hear,
but you cannot hear when your ears are clogged
with the wax of your words.

Your answers to your questions
of me.

I am
I hear
I exist

in this moment with you
with all of the yous at this table
in this room
in this circle

But we cannot hold a conversation
when you are conversing with yourself.

You must be the one who is vernacularized.
I am unclogging my perceptions

And waxing poetic
for you.


Talk at me while I eat

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