Word of the Day Poem: Solander – a case for maps, plates, etc., made to resemble a book and having the front cover and fore edge hinged


Rigid in my gaze,
wrapped tight, not only with long sleeves and pants
each inch of vulnerable skin covered
and arms wrapped firmly round

You stand.

I break form, and feel
scanning my hands over your seams,
looking for the latch that will unhook you
like a solander

releasing the treasures inside
the innermost thoughts and feelings

those I am certainly not prepared to know
but insist upon hearing.

I am so preoccupied with finding your latch

that I cannot see your brimming eyes
your tense shoulders
your clothes less like draping
and more like colored pieces of foil

like a chocolate Easter bunny

I cannot see
I can only hear
I only know

when it is too late.


Talk at me while I eat

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