The Breath of Memory

For Leah Scully, October 31, 1930 – October 27, 2014

Silent breaths

knowing one will be your last

I am standing instead in a room of light
the sounds of your laughter
your fingers holding my hand

You are the bright eyes of the world
Your room larger than words could hold
Your heart beats for us all.

I am standing instead in a sound of silence
the breaths coming in
and out
each time
one more breath
and then one less
as the space between is counted.

Your life is flooding me with memories
and I am once again the little girl
skipping through the snow to find your glove

Sitting in your car with a bag of books
freshly borrowed from the library

We are sharing stories
each one whether written or spoken
inciting laughter
invoking life

and you will live forever
through our words of love.


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