Long Live the Con

Since August, I have been working for a startup where my editing and writing talents can be utilized appropriately. Applying to work with a company that is extracurricular to my paying job doesn’t seem like something everyone would do. But when I found it, I was looking for a more fulfilling role than the one I currently have. I was looking for a purpose, trying to carve a little spot in the internet world for myself. I haven’t had the easiest time dong this in the past, and especially recently, I have been feeling like my worth and purpose were dependent too much upon others, and not enough on myself.

Enter this role. I have been given a chance to let my natural talents shine, and I felt after the first few weeks that my outlook about myself was improving, simply because I was given a chance. I have made new friends and business contacts, and feel like being part of something that could potentially be explosive fills me not only with inspiration, but the courage to keep making my own dreams come true. To give myself another chance.

I have seen the effect it has had on my life, and how funny it can seem to have one swift slam of a door be enough wind to push another wide open. How funnier when I then can turn around and find the slammed door was never locked in the first place, and perhaps could be opened again, letting in the sweetest smelling breeze my house has ever known.

This weekend marked the first of three comic-cons where we will begin promoting our startup. We are halfway into the first, and I am learning so much already. I am feeling that the public interest garnered over these weekends will be invaluable, and I can only hope that the now shared dream of ours can be fully achieved.

Stay tuned.


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