Comedy & Consideration: A Tale of Two Poems

Shadow Sentences

“Whatever story, I hear between the lines the novel no one wants.” -Richard Hugo

I hope you enjoyed your vacation
I would be just as bored in that place

I hope your daughter is well
I think she is dumb as a post

I can’t wait to see you next week
I will start planning my excuses now

I am happy you decided to buy that
You don’t have any other ideas

I sweeten the words that I say
To choke down the words that I don’t.


Alphabet Stew

Letters, letters,
alphabet stew

of papers and blog posts
vocalized too

I am waiting for the letters
and walking on through

the locked door is open
and i have no shoes

but I am wearing my socks
outside I will choose

A finger on my clavicle
Or a look at the view

because inside is fire
and outside is you.

Letters, letters,
alphabet stew.


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