I’ve been told I deal too much in absolutes, all or nothing on many things. Whether I am right or wrong, or bad or good, or happy or sad. But how can one live halfway? How can the gray area penetrate every part of our lives, like fog? Isn’t that the very thing that makes decisions hard to make? Feeling a little one way on day one, then feeling a little the other on day three, it’s weak and appears like your decision is being based on a pile of sand.

Making decisions are finite, and shouldn’t be half-assed, so I suppose it makes sense that I have always considered my reasons in black and white, all or nothing, absolute. I am realizing there are gray reasons and more things to consider than the clearly bolded black and white ones, and therefore, have realized that thinking in absolutes might not be the best way.

I am learning that there are two sides to every story. And as a writer, I am sad to admit that I haven’t lived my life with that thought in mind often enough.


Talk at me while I eat

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