With a latte and a heavy heart, I returneth

Today I travel back to my new home, heavy with the knowledge that I may never see her again. I don’t want to think about it, ever, but deep inside I know the clock is ticking.

i always leave something behind when I travel. Call it a quirk or a flaw, but it never fails. Today I was filled with disappointment when I realized it was my headphones. I cannot travel without music, so I knew I would be making a purchase at the Albuquerque airport.

After perusing the vast display of options (really, I was impressed), I bought a pair of the cheapest they had and made my way. Afterall, an evening robbed of music is like losing the draft of a term paper you spent hours writing – you know you can survive, but it won’t be the same when you’re done.

I’m afraid the knowledge I learned on this trip is enough to preserve that feeling, even if I hadn’t forgotten my headphones.


Talk at me while I eat

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